The Best Cash Advance Appp for 2022 – When You Need Money Fast

If you live with a salary to a salary, even a small additional fee can cancel your budget. Although it is always a good idea to have a strong emergency fund for such a fee, sometimes it is necessary to borrow money to meet your needs until your next payday.

There are various applications and tools that can help you budget your money, receive your salary faster, and even borrow a small amount to extinguish you until you are paid.

What Is a Cash Advance App?

Cash advance apps allow you to borrow money from your paycheck before actually getting your paycheck. By connecting your bank account to a cash advance app, these companies, using proof of past paychecks as evidence, know your funds are coming in and help you borrow from yourself in the event you cannot wait until payday. Most allow you to access just a couple hundreds dollars to help you eke by but some will even advance you 100% of your earned paycheck. Once you receive your paycheck, the company takes back its loan directly from your direct deposit.
The catch? You’ll pay a fee to get your funds in advance. Still, when you’re just shy of payday and need gas money or to pay a bill, the fees can be worth it.

Overview of the best cash advance apps

App Best for
Dave Small amounts
Earnin Low fees
Moneylion Flexible options
Brigit Fast funding
Chime Overdraft protection
Empower Cash back
Dailypay Employees of large employers
Payactiv B-corp certified
Varo Varo customers

Legit cash advance apps


Chime is best known for its no-free online checking accounts. They give customers the option to receive their paycheck up to two days early with their Chime Spending Account and use up to $200 against future wages to cover overdrafts with their SpotMe program. You start at $20 and your limits increase based on your account activity.
If you’re on a tight budget and worried about overdraft fees, the SpotMe program from Chime could save you money. The lender will “spot” users up to $200 if they overdraft their account. This money is then repaid whenever you receive your extra deposit. SpotMe is free to use if you have a Chime account, and customers can also access their paycheck two days earlier than usual. However, the app does give customers the option to leave a tip when using SpotMe.
As for your account going negative, Chime says that can happen only up to your approved amount, and if you make a purchase that puts you below that amount, the purchase will be declined.
Chime also comes with plenty of other great features, including a fee-free spending account, a secured credit card for borrowers looking to build credit, and a fee-free high-yield savings account. Overall, Chime is an excellent example of an online bank with low fees that can also help you gain access to your paycheck a little bit faster.
Cash advance limit: Up to $200


Dave is a good option if you’re caught in a tight place financially and need some extra cash to get you to payday. Customers can receive a small, interest-free advance on their next paycheck with no credit check required. A cash advance from Dave can help you to prevent overdraft fees and stay on track financially. Customers who have an account with Dave can borrow $5 to $200, while customers without an account can borrow $5 to $100.
It can take one to three days to receive your cash advance from Dave. However, customers can pay between $1.99 and $5.99, depending on the loan amount, to receive funds within eight hours. Dave charges an optional $1 monthly subscription fee and gives users the option to leave a tip of up to 20% of the borrowed amount. Customers can opt out of these additional costs if they choose.
In addition to providing cash advances, Dave also features several other tools to help manage money easier. This includes building your credit history by reporting on-time rent payments, credit monitoring, budgeting tools, and the ability to search for side hustles in the app.
While most cash advance apps automatically deduct the amount when your paycheck hits, Dave allows you to change the repayment date.
Cash advance limit: Up to $200


Ever wanted to receive your paycheck as soon as you earn it, rather than having to wait two weeks for a paycheck? Earnin makes it simple to access your earnings when you need them. Users can get $100 to $500 from their paycheck per pay period.
Earnin is free to use, but they do feature optional overdraft protection, which costs $1.50 per month, and the option to leave a tip of up to $14. That said, users aren’t obligated to give Earnin any extra money. Funds are dispatched in one or two business days, but you can sign up for the Lightning Speed feature to get your money faster.
The app also features automatic low-balance alerts that notify you when your balance is low. Its Balance Shield Cash Out feature allows customers to use a portion of their upcoming paycheck to cover any potential overdrafts.
When users save money in their Earnin account, they’re also eligible to win prizes through Earnin’s WeWin program. Plus, users can gain access to their paycheck up to two days faster, so you can access your hard-earned cash when you need it.
Cash advance limit: Up to $500


MoneyLion is a finance app that comes with several different features, including the ability to get your paycheck up to two days early. MoneyLion also offers services including mobile banking, investing, personal loans, and more.
The app’s Instacash Advance feature allows users with a MoneyLion checking account to access cash advances of up to $250 with no interest. There’s a $1 monthly fee to use this service, and no credit check is required. Users without an account can only get $25.
Standard delivery is free, but MoneyLion checking account users can also pay a $3.99 fee to have the funds delivered faster. Users without an account will have to pay $4.99 for instant delivery. If you don’t pay to get your funds faster, you’ll receive the money in 12 to 48 hours for MoneyLion checking account users. For users without an account, the wait time is three to five business days.
If you switch your deposit account to a RoarMoney account from MoneyLion, you can access up to $300 in cash advances. If you’re looking for a bank account that supports your savings goals, Moneylion also offers a mobile banking app with few fees and tools that help you manage your spending and saving.
You’ll be charged a late fee if you fail to repay the money for more than five days.
Cash advance limit: Up to $300


If you’re looking to build better financial habits, Brigit is an option worth considering. The app allows customers to get up to $250 in instant cash before a future paycheck. Customers can also use Brigit’s Credit Builder to raise their credit scores, analyze their spending behaviors, and even look for jobs.
Brigit’s free plan comes with the ability to look for jobs, analyze your finances, and access the app’s library of content. But to access higher-tier features, like cash advances, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid plan, which charges a membership fee of $9.99 a month. If you request an advance before 10 a.m. ET, you’ll get your money the same day.
Brigit also features overdraft protection, allowing users to use Auto Advances to send money to their bank account to avoid overdraft fees. The app also analyzes your spending and provides personalized insights into your financial life.
Advances are automatically repaid to Brigit at your paycheck, but the repayment date can be extended on certain occasions.
While Brigit has plenty of handy features, it’s notably more expensive than some of the other options on this list. If you’re solely looking for a cash advance, you can get a better deal elsewhere. But if you’re looking for multifaceted budgeting tools and don’t mind paying $9.99 per month, Brigit has plenty of perks to recommend it.
Cash advance limit: Up to $250


Empower is a fintech app with a Visa debit card that earns cash back—and can give you access to up to $250 in cash advances. Empower also allows users to get their paycheck up to two days faster than traditional accounts.
Empower’s cash advance of up to $250 is available for a $8 per month subscription fee. However, Empower is only available via mobile app, so it might not be accessible to borrowers who don’t have access to a smartphone.
To meet the eligibility requirements for Empower’s cash advance, users must receive their paycheck in the Empower mobile app. The exact amount borrowers can access will vary depending on their income, account balance, and account age.
You can receive the money free of charge in your Empower checking account or in your bank account for a $3 fee. The company doesn’t charge a late fee if you’re unable to make repayments on time.
Empower comes with plenty of other tools, including the ability to earn up to 10% cash back at select retailers. Cardholders have free access to over 37,000 ATMs, plus phone and live chat support for customers with questions or concerns.
Cash advance limit: Up to $250


Unlike some of the other apps on this list, Dailypay focuses specifically on large corporations’ employees. The app partners with employers like Kroger, Dollar Tree, and McDonald’s to give employees access to their paycheck faster.
Employees can instantly access up to 100% of earned pay with the app’s PAY feature, either immediately or the next day. They can also save money for both short- and long-term goals when they receive their paycheck.
Dailypay is free for employees to use, although employers pay to use the service. The service targets employers who are looking to give their employees increased flexibility and access to their wages. However, the app also seems to target companies whose low-wage employees may especially need cash advances.
You will be charged a $1.99 fee for cash advances that will be deposited the following business day. You can also pay $2.99 to get your advance instantly.
Cash advance limit: Up to 100% of earned pay


Payactiv is another app that allows users to access their paycheck early. Rather than waiting until payday, users whose employers offer Payactiv can access a portion of their current earnings. How much users can access depends on several factors, including their income and their employer’s settings.
Because this app is only available for employees of participating employers, it’s not the best fit for employees whose employers don’t yet offer Payactiv. However, there are a few other benefits for customers, regardless of who their employer is.
For instance, the PayActiv card offers the ability for users to receive their paycheck up to two days in advance. In addition, you can pay bills directly from the app, transfer money, view saving and spending patterns, and plan for the future.
For users whose employers work with Payactiv, the app also provides company-wide notifications, the ability to check for open shifts, and the opportunity to get in touch directly with team members and employers.
In addition to getting your advance via your PayActiv card, you can also choose to get it in your bank account or pick it up cash at a Walmart. These two options come with a $1.99 processing fee.
Cash advance limit: Up to 100% of earned pay


Varo is best known for its high-interest savings account and fee-free online banking. For existing customers, they also feature Varo Advance. This cash advance comes with no interest, and customers can borrow up to $100 against a future paycheck.
Cardholders can access anywhere from $20 to $100 with Varo Advance. It’s free to borrow $20, but fees range from $3 to $5 for amounts $50 and up. Qualifying customers must have a bank account with Varo that’s at least 30 days old. You also need to have at least $1,000 in direct deposits to one of your Varo accounts.
Varo allows you to set up an automatic repayment due date for the cash advance 15 to 30 days after receiving your funds. In addition to Varo Advance, Varo also allows account holders to access their paycheck up to two days earlier than usual.
Varo is a great option if you’re looking for a robust online bank account that comes with a cash advance. They also feature high-yield savings accounts with a rate of up to 3.00% APY. Varo also comes with perks like cash back from select retailers.
Cash advance limit: Up to $100

Best cash advance apps summary table

App Cost Funding time Best for
Dave $1/month 8 hours to 3 days Small amounts
Earnin Free; optional tips 1 to 2 business days Low fees
Moneylion $1/month 2 to 5 business days Flexible options
Brigit $9.99 Instantly to 3 business day Fast funding
Chime 5% of the transaction or $10, whichever is greater Instantly to 3 business days Overdraft protection
Empower $8/month Same day Cash back
Dailypay Free Instant to 1 business day Employees of large employers
Payactiv Free if you direct deposit your paycheck; $1 fee if you don’t Instant to 48 hours B-corp certified
Varo $0-$5 Instant Varo customers


The bottom line

If you’re still a week or two from payday and need access to cash fast, a cash advance from a cash advance app allows you to borrow against your future paycheck to cover current expenses. While this can be a welcome lifeline when you’re in a tight financial spot, you should avoid relying on cash advances when possible. If you continually use cash advances to cover expenses, you may get stuck in a cycle of borrowing from yourself only to need that money down the line. If possible, you should work to build up a financial safety net to have funds to spare in case of an emergency.