ESAB launches Indusuite: Brand-AGN Working Portfolio Software Solution for Robot Operations, Welding, and Cutting

North Bethesda, MD.-Esab Corporation (NYSE: ESAB) today announced the launch of Indusuite (, a portfolio of agnostic software brands that revolutionized workflows, quality, and business performance, to help assembler and producers improve operational efficiency . Indusuite offers three main benefits for mixed fleet customers: simplicity to access data and documents with easy -to -use interfaces; Real-time insight about the performance, trace and accountability of labor; and an unprecedented level of control over metal fabrication operations.

“The indusuite portfolio helps our customers improve efficiency and quality in every step of the fabrication process, from plates to finished products,” said Jon Hofmann, the development of the Director’s Product, Indusuite. “For example, one of our customers, Italian agricultural equipment manufacturers earned 6,000 hours of welding time, Finnish mining equipment manufacturers increased arc to 20 percent (about two times the average industry), and giant Petrochemical Brazil Engineering while improving welding quality and reducing risk. ”

Cloud -based indusuite solutions include weldcloud productivity, weldcloud fleet, weldcloud notes, and cutcloud to cut data analysis. The installed indusuite software application includes Columbus CAD/Cam Nesting software for automatic cutting and Octopuz for offline robot programming. This application allows users to improve operational efficiency through:

  • Ensuring compliance by developing welding and cutting procedures in accordance with standards and regulations.
  • Improving productivity with offline programming of robot, welding, and cutting.
  • Tracking and analyzing welding and cutting productivity, quality, and consumables usage.
  • Maintaining fleet equipment in optimal working conditions.
  • Accountability and oversight of all key welding and cutting activities.

The cloud-based applications feature an intuitive interface that enables users to be up and running after an hour of training without IT expertise. The applications function on a common platform built with state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure, which is among the most secure and reliable cloud architectures.

InduSuite offers solutions suited for operations of all sizes, from small fabrication customers to large companies with fleets of equipment spanning multiple countries. This collection of cloud-based and installed software applications connects equipment and data across all brand platforms so companies can take total control of their operations.